A coffeeEDU is open to all educators, which hopefully means an opportunity to meet new people. Post a sign or show the coffeeEDU logo on a digital device to let educators know where to meet and they are free to join in. Below are links to some flyers you can print out. Alternatively you can download the CoffeeEDU images to create your own flyers.


Click Here to print out a sign for your coffeeEDU event.

Click Here to access a flyer template. Make a copy, personalize it and print it out.


To download the images below, right click on the image and choose to “save image.”

250 pixels:

600 pixels:

1399 pixels:
Note: the downloaded image will be 1399 pixels even though it is not displaying that large here. 

CoffeeEDU images and materials are provided under a Creative Commons License.

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