#coffeeEDU is a casual event.

  • Pick a location, it does not have to be at a local coffee house, where do educators feel comfortable meeting up in a casual location. Food/drink availability is recommended.
  • Pick a date and time.  You do not need very much notice. You can even throw one out on the fly for people to meet up in an hour.  You can plan a week or two in advance if you want.
    • Make sure the location is open at the meetup time. Some places close after lunch or at 5pm.
  • Be prepared to share one cool thing you’re doing in your classroom to lead a discussion. Invite others who show up to do the same.
  • CoffeeEDU is STRICTLY one hour.
  • Try talking to the manager at your location first. They might be willing to help out with some things.
    • Check out the swag page for letterhead and signage you can use at your meetup location.
    • Attempt to create official #coffeeEDU locations (not required) where the location might be willing to display a sign or window cling.
  • TWEET, FACEBOOK, EMAIL.  Use the hashtag #coffeeEDU
    • Click Here for the Google Community page – Post on here as well as to your stream.
    • Click Here for the Facebook Page – Post here as well as on your timeline
    • When tweeting include #coffeeEDU and also @coffeeEDU to allow us to retweet
  • This is impromptu, unscripted, on the fly, conversation style… less presentation style professional development.
  • At an unconference there are several unscheduled discussions that are planned out on the spot, since #coffeeEDU is a subset of an unconference it is one discussion as opposed to an entire conference of discussions.  When you arrive at the event you may have an idea of what you want to discuss, but be open to the group wanting to discuss something else.
  • Option to have attendees discuss or write down on post it notes or index cards what they want to discuss, come to a quick consensus on the topic and then discuss!
  • Create a blog entry on the meetups page to let people know some info about the meetup. This is where you can post notes and videos after the event also.

Who can be a #coffeeEDU organizer… YOU!

  • CoffeeEDU is fun and easy to put on. Anyone can host a CoffeeEDU.
  • Simply choose a time, date and location that works for YOU!
  • Put out an invite on social media, email people you know. Be sure to include “all educators welcome.”

What is the value of CoffeeEDU related to your PLN:

  • Coffeeedu gives educators a way to solidify their PLN – providing an informal way for educators to connect in person.
  • As PLNs become more and more virtual, coffeeEDU gives educators a way to make their PLNs more personal, more real.
  • While Twitter and other online networks have given us a chance to broaden our PLNs in unprecedented ways, there’s nothing that really matches in-person connections.
  • CoffeeEDU is not about building a business – it’s about providing just a tiny bit of structure (a meeting place and time!) to educators can connect and meet.
  • CoffeeEDU pops up wherever educators are… mostly at conferences or locally in communities where educators work.
  • CoffeeEDU gives educators who are just starting to build virtual PLNs a more in-person connection to people they may otherwise never meet!
  • CoffeeEDU is not about promoting anything – it’s simply about helping educators connect and strengthen each of our Personal Learning Networks with intermittent in-person interaction (IIPI (™) )


  • Q: Someone else is hosting one, how long should I wait for them to host another?
    • A: The idea of #coffeeEDU is to make it convenient for people. Try to avoid having someone as the designated coffeeEDU person. It is okay to have multiple #coffeeEDU events on the same day.
  • Q: How many people come to a #coffeeEDU?
    • A: It is hard getting educators out of their classroom. Even a group of 3 is awesome for a #coffeeEDU. Typically you might expect 10-20.
  • Q: What happened to coffeeCUE?
    • A: CoffeeCUE originated in California where CUE is a local ISTE affiliate. Quickly expanding beyond the borders of California, coffeeCUE has become coffeeEDU to provide more context for the unconference event.
  • Q: Why are there still coffeeCUE events??
    • A: With the evolution into coffeeEDU the organization CUE is offering coffeeCUE, casual meetups with their members. Unlike coffeeEDU, coffeeCUE is not restricted by a time limit. Visit for more information on meeting up for coffee with CUE members.

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