Podcast: Our Next Challenge

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The Next Challenge with Podcasting

Step 1: Decide you want to do a podcast. The first challenge is that we have no idea how to do a podcast. So the adventure has begun. So far Holly and I have been able to record a podcast and get it uploaded to iTunes. You can find the embed of the first podcast at coffeeEDU.org/podcast.

Another challenge is what does an unconference CoffeeEDU podcast look like? We are still taking feedback on that. CoffeeEDU is an unconference so how do we embrace that open mic concept of being participant driven?

Holly and I do not live in the same town. This is where Soundtrap is essential! We are able to record and edit the podcasts collaboratively so that is a win.

We are still working on getting the 2nd podcast up. The sound quality on the one I recorded with the super fun Tara Martin is proving to be a challenge. Hopefully, we can get Tara in on a collaborative Soundtrap in the future and try again.

Our next challenge is how to design the CoffeeEDU podcast page. Once we have a collection of the podcasts ready to go, what is the best way to share them? So stay tuned, it’s a fun adventure where not everything is going perfect. We think that is okay, this is how we learn.

Our First CoffeeEDU Podcast – Uncast

CoffeeEDU Podcast #1

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Welcome to the CoffeeEDU Podcast. Normally you would see the links here for how to listen to the CoffeeEDU podcast (updated, see below for the podcast!), however, we have some exciting news! We are having technical difficulties! This is good news? Absolutely, modeling failure is an important part of learning. Holly Clark and I (Alice Keeler) are learning some new things in order to put this podcast together. We do not expect everything to go right when we try something new, in fact, that would be silly! When you do something new by definition you do not have it fully mastered. Holly’s tired but not discouraged! We will get this!!

Our first coffeeEDU podcast was recorded at Google in Mountain View at the Google Certified Innovator energizer event. We had a casual unconference conversation with Lisa Highfill, Mason Mason, and Ari Flewelling. These amazing and passionate educators shared some of what they are excited about in education. Stay tuned for the podcast track! (Holly did a great job of editing, excited to share this!).

We are still learning and would love to hear from you! Please fill out this Google Form with your suggestions and ideas for the coffeeEDU podcast. And in the meantime, host your own coffeeEDU! It’s fun and easy.

CoffeeEDU podcast is sponsored by Soundtrap

The CoffeeEDU podcast is recorded collaboratively using Soundtrap! Give it a try not only for podcasting but also for creating music and sound tracks.

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We are getting closer!! Holly and I are determined to be the podcast masters it’s been a fun journey of “figure it out.” We are far from masters yet. Still trying to get the podcast onto iTunes but we feel confident that any day now we will have it working on iTunes. Here is the embed of our podcast. We hope you enjoy it!