Holly Clark and the #CoffeeEDU Podcast

A post by Holly Clark

Getting the podcast up on time was my job. I knew trying  to get our podcast out on April 17th – was a lofty goal – but I like those. Even knowing how much Alice and I are in the air and on the road – I thought I could do it!

What did I learn? Failure is an option!

Recording should have been the easy part…but I bought a new microphone that my mac didn’t recognize,  so we powered through and just used the computer mic . That is what you do when technology fails. It didn’t result in the best sound but that is okay – we had a good conversation and we didn’t need perfection, we needed to try it!

Then, Alice and I had been playing around in Soundtrap from different locations – which is awesome by the way  – and we had a hidden track in our podcast that was 12 hours long – and couldn’t figure out how to find it and delete it. So I looked in the help menu, conducted some Google searches and then contacted Soundtrap! They sorted it out quickly and we were ready to go.

We finally got the file mixed and the next step was uploading it to itunes…and this is where I had another misstep. iTunes needs you to get your artwork done just a certain way…and that took me few tries because I was making my way to South Africa and had limited wifi due to flights.

In the end, the podcast is not the perfect sound recording (yet), we are in working on on our format…but we are two people who truly believe in trying, learning as you go, and iterating and we are excited for the future of this podcast.

So now it’s up! Enjoy! We hope you will enjoy our iterations as we grow and this podcast into a special unpodcast that will lead to lots of learning!

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