CoffeeEDU is a one hour unconference for educators.

coffeeEDU-v2-black-250 CoffeeEDU is a subset of the unconference. CoffeeEDU is not about promoting a product or organization, it is about expanding your PLN in a face to face meet up for one hour.
CoffeeCUE has been rebranded as CoffeeEDU to reflect the global movement as well as to give the events more context.

It is easy to host a CoffeeEDU.

> Choose a time, date and location that works for YOU.
> Email, tweet, facebook, Google Plus or use other social media to let people know where and when.

> Print out a sign and show up at the date and time.

> Let participants talk about what topics in education they are interested in.

No agenda, no pre-chosen topics.

Whatever the participants are interested in discussing at that time, becomes the topic for CoffeeEDU!


Follow @coffee_EDU on Twitter.
Follow the #coffeeEDU hashtag.
Join the Google Plus or Facebook page to stay connected with CoffeeEDU.
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